Parenting Plans For Families After Divorce presents a fresh, contemporary and practical guide that shows divorcing parents how to create a healthy and vibrant Post-Divorce Family™. It acknowledges that, while the parties’ original family will take on a different form after the divorce, their original family will still exist and need to be nourished.  Parenting Plans For Families After Divorce discards the “one size fits all” approach to divorce and provides creative processes and solutions that strive to meet the needs of each family member.  Using a step-by-step method, the author explains how to write a Parenting Plan in which the parents make the decisions—not the judge.  This saves time, money, reduces stress, and creates a healthy and loving environment for the children.

Parenting Plans For Families After Divorce describes how to write a Family Mission Statement, make effective parental decisions, create a parenting time schedule (visitation), craft a financial plan, and take the children’s ideas into consideration—all customized to meet the needs of each specific family member.  It contains suggestions for monitoring children’s use of social media, addressing the needs of nontraditional families, adopting child-inclusive provisions, and designing dispute resolution techniques.

The Post-Divorce Family Model will change the lives of parents and children.  Readers are encouraged to follow Joan McWilliams’ Five “Cs”:

  • Commit to your children
  • Compartmentalize your anger
  • Communicate with the other parent
  • Consider the ideas of the children
  • Change your approach to conflict

Using a Celtic Tree, a symbol of love, strength, connection and renewal, Ms. McWilliams delivers a pragmatic and common sense approach for dealing with the variety of financial, emotional and legal issues that families encounter in divorce.  Parenting Plans For Families After Divorce provides a road map for creating a balanced and functional Parenting Plan for the family after divorce.

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